Logistics Management solutions

That fits the needs of diverse enterprises & helps to stay ahead of the curve with technology


Manufacturer, Importer, Exporter

Channel partners

Supplier, Distributor & Retailer

Service providers

Transporter, courier & 3PL

Key Features

Intelligent Dispatch Planning

Trip Load Optimization

Resource capacity Utilization

Automated Trip route planning

Capacity Economics Solutions

Vehicle capacity Utilization

Vehicle Indenting

Vehicle Recommendation Engine

Realtime visibility of Fleet & Delivery

Smart Alerts & Notifications

SLA Compliance notifications

Actionable Insights

POD Solution

Cap ture images

Geo-coordinates / Fencing

Electronic POD with Customer Signature

Connected Fleets

Driver Behavior Analysis

Fuel consumption monitoring

Configurable Rules & thresholds for monitoring

Control Tower View

360 View of Fleet & deliveries

Customer SLA dashboards

Visualizations & Interactive Dashboards

Business Ops Excellence

Vehicle Unit Economics

Operational KPI Analysis

Profitability KPI Analysis

Strategic planning Insights

Compliance tools

Smart E-way Bill with API integration

Billing Automation

Transport Rate card management


As a Shipper or Logistic Providers with Own/Vendor/Market Vehicles, we take the hassle out of your logistics operations and let you focus on business growth.

100% Complinace and Control

With Yoryo technology, make your logistics operations leaner and smoother. We empower you with alerts and notifications when process goes out of compliance. Get visibility of your dispatch ,fleet and resources at any point of time.

Lead With Insightful Data

Get handle on your operations with 360 View of Fleet and deliveries using Visualizations & Interactive Dashboards Yoryo Analytics provides actionable Insights for your strategic planning and forecasting decisions.


More than 90% Resource Utilization

Just sit back and relax and let Yoryo do your dispatch planning. Yoryo engine optimizes on various constraints and business rules to deliver the most optimized plan with > 90%* resource utilization and keeping your SLA’s intact.

Reduce transportation costs upto 20%

With the optimized dispatch plan and enhanced compliance with real time tracking minimizes the capacity leakages across the network. This leads to reduction in the overall transportation costs up to 20%*.

How this works?