Simple and flexible Plans

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Dispatch Management- Business

  •     Upload orders via Excel or API’s
  •     Manual Dispatch management
  •     Delivery App
  •     Live fleet and order tracking
  •     SMS and Email notifications
  •     Electronic proof of delivery
  •     Fleet Management
  •     Analytics dashboard
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Dispatch Management- Enterprise

  •     Seamless API integration of orders
  •     Model your network structure
  •     Smart Dispatch planning
  •     Fleet capacity calculation and utilization
  •     Optimized load planner
  •     Gamification for Field staff
  •     Business analytics -Unit economics
  •     Predictive planning tools
  •     Supply & demand heat map
  •     ML based vehicle intending & capacity planning
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Capacity Economics Solutions

  •     Load planning as Service
  •     Smart Dispatch planning as Service
  •     3D Load planning Visualization as Service
  •     Network Capacity utilization Analytics
  •     What-If scenario Analysis for Capacity economics